What Does Young Carers MK Offer?

What is our aim?

The aim of our service is to provide support for young carers aged 8-19 years old in Milton Keynes by providing:
  • support & information
  • young carers’ clubs
  • a chance to meet other young carers
  • support in schools
  • trips and activities
  • signposting to other services

Contact our office Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm for more information.

See our referrals page for details of how to refer a young carer to us. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept self referrals or referrals from parents or guardians. 

How does it all work?

  • Someone refers you to us (this could be school staff, children’s services, medical staff or professionals that are supporting someone in your family).
  • We visit you at home to tell you about our service and ask you some questions about your circumstances.
  • We have a meeting where we decide what we can offer you.
  • We write to tell you how we can support you.